This is information, pix, gear and contact information for my studio.

As a freelance Producer, Musician and Engineer, I can work at just about any other studio too, this just pertains to my personal setup. It's constantly growing and morphing, so this is just a snapshot.

I'm a growing gear geek...what can I say.

Most people use ProTools or Logic nowadays. My Kung-Fu is strongest with PT, so I favor that (but potato, bravado).

-HD Mod ProTools System using BLA-HD Mod I/O's and Clock
-Apple G5 Quad Processor with 12G Ram
-Neuman, Beyer, Berliner and Shure Microphones
-NEVE 1272 2CH PRE
-UA 6176 PRE
-Fender Tele's, Strats
-Vintage Fender Jazz & P-Basses
-Vintage Ampeg FlipTop Amp
-Taylor Acoustic Guitar
-Loads of FX Pedals and Toys
-Native Instrument KOMPLETE Virtual Instruments
-Ableton LIVE
-ALL A.I.R. Virtual Instrument Sets
-More Plug-Ins than we possibly could need

Can we just make some inspiring music???


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